Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Ex Survey

1.) Are you friends with your ex?
He said he wanted to be if it was okay with me, but he’s acting otherwise.

2.) Were you in good terms when you parted way?
No... then later on, yes... now, I guess no... hehehe! It's really complicated!

3.) Were you happy with him?
Oh yeah, four years is four years.

4.) Do you think that he was happy when he was with you?
Yeah, but not towards the end of our relationship.

5.) Do you miss him?
Only the happy times.

6.) Do you still love him?
I remember the boy, but I don’t remember the feeling.

7.) So how's your love life now? Do you have anyone new?
Well, there are guys, but I’m not in love with any of them. It's in the “like” stage.

8.) Are you still waiting for him?

9.) If you still love him, then why not get back together?
Uhm, not applicable. =D

10.) Does your ex have a new girlfriend?
Yup yup!

11.) Did your relationship last long?
See #3.

12.) Are you scared to fall in love again?
Not at all. Excited pa nga eh! Haha! =D

13.) Do you still think that there is someone out there for you?
According to my psychic adviser I’ve met him already. *Kilig*

14.) What if, in the end, it will still be you and your ex?

15.) Are you mad at him?
Before, when he said that he wanted to be friends but then he didn’t act like it at all. I realized its nothing I should fret about anymore.

16.) Is he mad at you?
I think he is. Not sure why though.

17.) What if he tells you one day that he still loves you?

18.) What song can you dedicate to him?
My theme song when we broke up was ‘Til My Heartaches End.

19.) Did you try to win him back?
Nope, but I heard he thought I was trying.

20.) Do you still see him?

21.) Any message for him?
Thank you for the happy memories. :-)


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