Sunday, June 19, 2005

"That would be the camel floral-embossed pump, size 9?"

This huge balikbayan box from the States was delivered to our house a couple of days ago. I was persistently asking my mom to open it the moment it came since I know that the shoes and bag that I ordered from Newport News are in there somewhere. After 2 months of waiting, the package finally came. But. "The mom" didn't want me to open it because she thinks I'll mess up her stuff. SH*T! I almost had an anxiety attack trying to stop myself from taking a peek.

That was two days ago.

I came home from work today. The box was finally opened. As I opened the packages that were for me, I was a bit disappointed on how the peep-toe ribbon pumps turned out. The ecru colored ribbons were not perfectly aligned. The heels were also thicker than it looked on the picture. The Manhattan skyline bag was a bit disappointing too. I thought it was as big as a tote bag, but it was just a regular handbag. There was another bag from Victoria's Secret that my mom gave to me as a gift. I didn't like it very much too because it was too big.

I was already frustrated with how the items I ordered turned out. But there was one last shoe box. Lo and behold! The camel floral-embossed pump was exactly as I imagined it to be! It was so unique! Floral-embossed leather. French heel. There's no way you can find anything like it here in the Philippines. I was so happy I got them, and after seeing and trying it on, it was definitely worth the wait.

Ha! I'll wear it tomorrow... Just in time for the implementation of the Company Dress Code.


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