Monday, June 20, 2005

Lonely day...

For the first time in like, forever, I was the only one from our trio who was at work. Ginger is off until tomorrow. Mark was either still in Baguio or on his way back to Manila. It was kinda lonely. But it gave me an excuse to finish my reports and coach my agents.

I talked to Mark yesterday and asked him when he'll be getting his operation. I promised him that I'll be there to take care of him in the hospital when I'm off since his parents are not around. He's getting his tonsils removed. This is how our phone conversation went:

LJ: "When ka check-in sa hospital?"

Mark: "Monday siguro or Tuesday."

LJ: "Ah ok. Tuesday na lang. Off ko nun. I'll be the one to bring you na lang to Makati Med."

Mark: "Okai!"

LJ: "So Tuesday ha? Gimik natin sa ospital!"

Mark: "Hahaha!"

This would be interesting...


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