Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I'm soooo bored...

Tonight is one of those nights wherein I'm not gonna sleep. Not because I have stuff to finish. Not because I'm out partying. Not also because I have too much caffeine in my system (even though I just finished two grande sized Passion iced tea and a tall caramel macchiato in Starbucks). Someone have asked me if its because I've been thinking of something. Is it possible to not sleep because your bored? I guess so... coz that's my reason.

I get easily bored lately. So bored that I have developed the art of keeping people up (I'm so sorry Abbie for giving you those two big zits). So bored that I have generated my jedi, cyborg, vampire, fairy and elf name. So bored that I took that Harry Potter test to find out what house I'd be sorted to. So bored that I started a blog. So bored that I finally used my YM (I know, I'm not like most people). So bored that when I went out with Mark a few hours ago, I pushed every doorbell sample in Ace Hardware.

I was just in Starbucks with my high school friends a few hours ago. Of course, unlike me, these people sleep so they had to go home eventually. I tried to look for other people to hang out with (come to think of it, I think"bother" is more appropriate than "hang out"). However, everyone seemed to be either asleep (come on LJ, its almost midnight) or out.

So here I am alone in an internet cafe in Makati eating fish and chips thinking of what to do next after typing this entry. I gotta get a new hobby or I'll be the one who'll end up with two big zits.


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