Monday, September 25, 2006

I look like who?!?

And people said I looked like Julia Stiles.

What do you think? :-)


At 11:58 AM, Anonymous Rico said...

Naks! Yeah, I kinda see the resemblance...

But you are your own woman, with a distinctive face that easily stands up with da bold and da beautiful! :D


At 4:17 PM, Blogger LJ said...

i'm sure there was a compliment there somewhere. so thanks! :D

At 11:03 PM, Anonymous smile for me said...

nah, you look like the hippo on your friendster. stick out your tongue and try reaching for your nose... that was cool, you should do that more often. haha stop insulting julia styles, you're ruining her career. sweetie, stop thinking too much of yourself. you arent all that much. you bully people you think are lame and who wouldnt fight back. you are very unprofessional when it comes to work. you're mostly on leave on sundays. you didnt go to work on holidays. you're a pathetic leader. you're just lucky to be in your position right now, but i bet you dont really deserve that. honey you just got lucky... your nose looks like huge caves, where the heck did you get that. your forehead is too wide. your hair is so freaking dry and dead it would probably break with the slightest touch. oh, and lose the bangs! di bagay sa iyo. your arms are too big, so dont wear sleeveless tops or dresses. your teeth are white but they make you look like a rabbit when theyre showing and you're not really smiling. your pacute picture on friendster doesnt look cute at all. you look like a retard. your stitches are disgusting, why do you even show that to people?? or are you just really trying to show them your tummy? geees. hmmm.... trying to catch attention maybe? what ever happened to you when you were young? did you have a very traumatic experience when you were little? seriously, dont be offended, you're not hot. waaay far from hot. oh, and you're probably wondering why im telling you this, nope i dont hate you. im just telling the truth for your own good, i know you wouldnt feel so bad... and stop singing, babe. really, i mean it. seriously. stop. dont ever do that again. my nose bleeds with my ear. haha i know you earn a lot. i know you've accomplished a lot, but you know deep down, you're not all that much. im sure you're wondering who the heck i am, you need not know, coz i dont want you to blame your friends... stop embarrassing yourself. try to be a little more humble. you're not cute. you're not hot. you're not funny. believe me baby, people only laugh with you because they are afraid to get a butt kick. they dont genuinely like you. oh yeah, most of the people around you, they talk behind your back. and what they're talking about, you wouldnt wanna know. they dont like your attitude and they certainly dont like your face. geeees LJ, you're such a loser. this is something you should really ponder on. wondering how i look like? yes, im beautiful, i bet your parents' life plus your one year salary i am hot. if im not the most beautiful woman alive, i'm definitely more beautiful than you. i was just really bothered that you think you're pretty, its time you got corrected baby. its time you learn the truth, face reality, you're not beautiful, i hate to say this but you're ugly. you look like a creature from the farm or something. really. and i wish you'd stop acting like you're so cool, coz everyone's laughing at how you act and carry yourself. its just humiliating. your looks make me feel so humiliated to be a woman, i cant believe God would make something that looks like you and acts and talks and thinks like you. God i cant believe where you're getting the strength and spirit to even think for one second that you're hot. you should lament about your face. your face looks like a curse, geeeeees how can you even think your face is attractive?????? Oh My God!!! anyway, i'm just about to puke so imma go now. i'll get back to you on other things people say and think of you. ok? take care!


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