Friday, May 12, 2006

The Bum's Finally Working

Yes. I'm finally working. And yes. The job comes with 5-digit salary that can (potentially) cover all my expenditures. And yes, its in a call center. Again. And no. I really AM having fun this time. Despite everything I have said regarding the industry.

I ate my words, so sue me.

I go to work. I don't really work... per se. But I am in a payroll. I'm not complaining.

So is there anything new that came with my new job? Several things:

1. I am now dependent on a drug I rarely used before. Antacids. I can't help it. I have to. I laugh hysterically everytime I'm in the office.

2. My transportation expenses drastically dropped. I don't have to pay toll (which consistently increases). I don't have to pay parking (which, again, consistently increases). I don't have to get a full tank of gas more than twice a week. And I can finally leave my house just 15 minutes before my shift and suprisingly I still have enough time to park my car, get coffee, go to the bathroom, put my phone on silent mode, and still have a few seconds to spare before timing in.

3. I realized how much I have changed since high school (physically and mentally). Everyday I bump into someone I know. High school classmates, college acquaintances, old friends, and the like. Most of them did not recognize me at first.

4. I have become punctual. I am in shock. No lates since day one. Nor absences. That's a record-breaker.

5. I started jogging. Alone. That's a bigger shock.

6. I am loving the fact that I don't worry about "leverage." Starting from the bottom again gave me back the freedom I thought I lost when I became a team leader. Now I remember my other reasons why I turned down promotions early on.

So that's me. I miss going out though. But at least I get to save. I have been thinking of moving out. That's my next goal. Complete independence. My deadline is when I turn 24. Hehehe! Well... I have to be realistic.


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I know! I'm shocked too! HIHIHI!!!


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