Friday, March 31, 2006

The IMC Strategy

I have been delegated to create this ad campaign for 'D Family Biz by mother-oh-so-dearest. Oh-dearie-my... how I wish that I wasn't such a delinquent back in college so that this would be easier.

I got my college degree at the University of Asia and the Pacific. My diploma says I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Arts, Major in Humanities with a Professional Certificate in Communication.

At least that's what my diploma says.

Back in college, my course was known as Integrated Marketing Communications. It was the course that everyone in class were talking about, and undecided me got influenced by my peers. So I applied. Just because everybody else I knew applied during my sophomore year.

You read that right. We had to apply for a course during our sophomore year.

Lemme explain further... Unlike other universities, you have to apply twice in UA&P. The first application is for you to get in the university; the second application, is for the degree of your choice which should be submitted sometime during the second semester of your sophomore year. In reality, you can be in your third year and still not have a major.

I digress.

IMC was a popular choice. But! What I really wanted to take was Developmental Education (who knew that I'd be going towards that path anyway... for those who don't know yet, I'm studying SPED), but then I guess I loved the prestige of being accepted in the only quota course in UA&P (at least at that time, I'm not sure now). My classmates wanted it more than I did but they didn't make it, which made me feel good about myself that I actually got accepted. For both courses even.

So I chose prestige.

Despite IMC's popularity, others hated it. They said that the course is "all form, no substance." They were... kinda... right. But hey, that's why its called Integrated MAR-KE-TING Communications. It's all about selling. We were trained to create all kinds of marketing strategies for pretty much anything. From tangible goods to corrupt politicians. 'Nuff said.

It WAS hard.


You have chefs for professors.

They not only grill...

They boil...

And fry...

Like Mario Batalli.

Occasionally they prefer to eat you alive.

I have seen tears fall, blood drip and friendships break. Everybody was highly competitive and extremely aggressive. Not to mention volatile when then don't get what they want. I know, we were such spoiled brats whose hobbies include whining.

And boy, did we love to whine.

But it was fun, especially when we are assigned to do campaigns for current and upcoming products, have actual clients of these brands evaluate our strategies, later on see the products be released, and have a perpetual argument on whose idea was used (Oh look at the packaging! That's our idea! No way that was ours! I don't now whose packaging idea this was, but this is our creative strategy. Ugh! Di kaya! Look at our presentation. It's ours!).

Memories. *NOSTALGIA*

This will possibly be the first time I will be applying ALL the subjects I took in one project all on my own. I am currently formulating my first-ever, out-of-school IMC Plan. Oh boy, I just remembered Dr. K... Yes... Yes...


I got this from Knox's blog. Some of you may get it. But only a true IMC student can completely comprehend.


1. I don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend; I have a laptop.
2. I do not eat lunch; I digest case studies.
3. I do not say "goodbye"; I say "bye for now."
4. I do not watch TV for the shows; I watch TV for the commercials.
5. I do not say "effectiveness"; I say "effectivity." (note: look it up... there is no such word as "effectivity")
6. I do not say "eureeka"; I say "eureka."
7. I do not conduct interviews; I conduct executive probes.
8. I never make eye contact; I manage all contact points.
9. I do not have a black book; I have a red book.
10. To me, sleep is a luxury, not an option.
11. I do not sleep over at my friends' houses... because I do not sleep.
12. I never plan; I always strategize.
13. I call it the sweet spot, not the g-spot.
14. I never hit below the belt, only below the line.
15. I do not say big dipper nor dig deeper; I say dig dipper.
16. When I hear the word puno, I do not think of a tree.
17. I do not have friends, connections, nor goals. I am audience-focused, channel-centered, and results-driven.



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