Friday, March 31, 2006


Mom has this habit of writing small notes and sticking them in places where she knows we'll see it, which are basically stuff that she wants household members to get done within the day. Some of them are for business purposes. This one for example was taped in the computer monitor in the living room:

Surf for Macau and Shenzhen SPED schools or
rehabilitation centers. Look for a contact person
and email them RE: Conference. 2DAY!

I used to find her notes all over the house. Some of them are really funny and is such a trip when you get to read it. There was this time that my mom was complaining about the master's bedroom's bathroom's sink. She taped a note right on top of the sink:

Puro libag! LINISIN!

What's even funnier is that our maid replied with a note too.

Nilinis ko po ito. Maniwala kayo sa kin.
Ugaleng mga bata dumihin. Totoo po
and sinabi ko.

Bwahahaha! This note system is getting funnier by the day. Take my mom's note for me today. It was taped in the dining table near my plate this morning.

L.J. -- Very Important
1) Keep all the blankets & beddings in
the cab. find a room for all of them
2) I like the salad, prepare the same
for dinner.
3) Conceptualize in the design for the
tarpaulin banners -- kami na lang ang
mag-insert ng visual.
6) Tom. Sat. -- conduct pictorial @
7) Evening - Orientation

Did she just ask me to find a room for the blankets and beddings? Do blankets and beddings sleep??? Very important, mom said. And the top two important things in this list are actually household hores. Mom's probably tensed today. She missed numbers 4 and 5. Hihihi! My mom cracks me up.

The tarpaulin design's done, and the pictorial and orientation is tomorrow. So... I GOT FREE TIME TODAY! WHEEEEEEE!


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