Friday, June 24, 2005

Before the movie started...

True enough, I did end up with the two big zits.

I have been pretty depressed lately because of some issues at work. I keep on asking myself why I'm still in the company despite of everything that has happened to me. I guess no matter how hard it gets, if you really love what you're doing, you'll never give up on it . But I still question myself sometimes whether I am content with what I have now... or is it just because I'm the type of person who will stay loyal to something that I've hold on to for a long time.

True. I'm a very loyal person. Relationships, friends, work, my city (no one can make me leave!), my hairdresser (9 years na!), even the scent that I use (I've been using it since it came out 5 years ago). It's something that I'm proud of. But its also something that I believe affects me from making the best decisions for myself. I feel that I am sometimes scared to of trying something that I am not used to. I remember something a college friend once told me -- Life is never fair. Life is a game. So there's always a gamble. Therefore, everything we do is a risk. But it is that risk that we need to take to also win the game. The game called life.

Good thing it's my off tomorrow. I need to divert my attention to other things.

Mark is setting me up with this guy named Glenn. Blind date. I was hesitating a bit since my last blind date turned out to be a 42-year-old guy (literally old enough to be my dad). But Mark said this should be a good one for me. Single 27-year-old guy who some kind of manager of some sort. Wish me luck! =)


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