Monday, March 27, 2006

At 23

I have a hard time figuring out myself at this age. And I'm having an even harder time writing about it.

There's one thing that always happens to me when my birthday comes up. I don't really get excited with the fact that I am a year older. Why? Because I'm older! It started when I was like... 8? 9 maybe... I remember crying when I became I teenager. So I'm a female Peter Pan at heart... sue me. But I find it a good excuse to eat at an expensive restaurant, ask for expensive gifts from mom and dad, or throw parties (which I did last Saturday).

Nevertheless, I'm alright. I know I could be happier though. I guess this is what you feel when you think you are currently living a "wala lang" life. Now that I'm 23, I realized I should start to appreciate things more and stop taking things for granted. On top of that, I realized that no one holds the key to make me happy but myself. I deserve to be happy. I want to be. And I choose to be.

Epi burfdee toomih... =D


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