Monday, September 25, 2006

7tube Tagger Game

I've been tagged by Rico to come out and play the 7tube Tagger Game. Basically, the game consists of two tasks: first, you have to list 7 songs you are listening to off-late; and two, list 7 people you what to tag to continue the game.

So... Here's my list:

1. BEAUTIFUL, by Mandalay: The Ultimate Love-Making and Make-Out song in my opinion.
2. REDEFINE, by Incubus: I can't seem to get sick of it.
3. EVERY LITTLE THING, by Dishwalla: I love Dishwalla.
4. FLYING AWAY, by Moony: This song just makes me happy.
5. LET'S STAY TOGETHER, by Lemar (orignally by Al Green): Call me corny, but I like it.
6. SAFE, by Bonnie Bailey: The song that replaced Ever After in my head.
7. LAST GOODBYE, by Jeff Buckley: Why did he have to die?!?

And the 7 people I wanna tag are:

1. Elber - because he finally found a way to shorten my ever so long URL. :-)
2. Tess - because I just added her in my blogroll.
3. Abbie - because you haven't updated your blog since Christmas 2005.
4. Ephie - because you need to update your blog too.
5. JM - because I'm still trying to ambush you at home so you can fix my laptop.
6. Anabel - because I know you have a lot of time in your hands.
7. Ian - because I know he's constructing a new blog.


At 1:56 AM, Anonymous Rico said...

Thanks LJ! :)


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