Saturday, July 16, 2005

Words, words, words...

I was on my way to work and for some weird reason I remembered a word that was discussed in one of my AIS classes back in college:

It is a term used for a person who has an obsession for nose-picking. Funny. I wasn't even picking my nose at the time.

Later that day (or should I say early in the morning, since I'm back in the graveyard shift), I recalled some of the words and phrases that I've picked up and have been using regularly. They're all gay terms. Try to check if you're actually using some of them. Heck! After reading this, you might end up using them too! Kindly tell me if I don't use them correctly. =D

1. "Lola" - a term used to address someone in the first, second and third person. (Pucha! A replacement for pronouns ito!?)

2. "Carry" - synonymous with "okay." (Ex. "Carry lang 'yan girl!")

3. "Charing!" - a generic reaction, usually used when a compliment was given.

4. "In fairview..." - synonymous with "in fairness."

5. "Chuva gargles!" - a generic term for anything.

6. "Alalalalala!" - a longer version of "Hoy!"

7. "Wag kang umarte-arte diyan!" - used to address someone who keeps on rejecting an invitation, offer, dare, etc.

8. "For the meantime..." - a phrase used before addressing someone's good work. (Ex. "For the meantime... Ang galing-galing ng Team 2!)"

9. "Bonggang-bongga!" - the superlative form of "Bongga!"

10. "Etits" - go figure! (wakeke!)

11. "Mahaba ang hair!" - used to compliment a female; usually given if the girl has many attractive suitors; can also be used to compliment a girl's good work.

and my personal favorite...

12. "Kembot" - synonymous with "Carry" ('Wag gamitin ng sobra-sobra, pag masyado ng kumekembot, "Sayaw!" na ang tawag dun!)

This is the result of hanging out with gay people EVERYDAY!


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