Saturday, July 16, 2005

Some thoughts...

Today is my last day in Newport News. The sadness sank in when I wrote my last email to my co-TL regarding my former agent's AHT Analysis Report. I'll start training for AT&T on Tuesday morning.


I've worked in this project for 10 months... 1 month being an agent and 9 months as a team leader.


I will miss...

- my agents (all the members of the 3 teams I've worked with), my co-TLs, my GMs and my OM.
- walking to the ladies room while saying "Hi" to my former teammates in the NCAC side of the 26th floor.
- having bad dreams in the sleeping quarters (Buknoy, pinaglalaruan mo nanaman ako).
- the leather couches in the lounge (I swear, when you sit down, you'll never wanna stand up again).
- the powerpoint presentations Chesca and Karen always ask me to do ("Gusto ko bilog yung shapes ng prizes ha?" - Chesca).
- using my "pulis pangkalawakan" skills to catch agents releasing calls, doing multiple offers, and giving inaccurate information to customers.
- anticipating my team's weekly DPO, AHT, Conversion and Quality Scores.
- Roan ironing my hair before the shift ends when she's logged out.
- playing scrabble with my agents when there are no calls.


But most of all... I will miss my yosi breaks with Ginger.

I will not miss... (Bwehehehe!)

- the coaching logs.
- the weekly performance evaluation reports (individual agents and team summary).
- the monthly progress reports.
- the Newport News commission scheme.
- having to listen to the longest calls in the world to find out why AHT is high.

Hay... I said I will not cry. I still haven't. As Reverend Mother said, "When the Lord closes the door, somewhere he opens a window."

Well... I will have new agents. I will have new co-TLs. I will have a new GM and OM. There will still be a ladies room that I would go to and former teammates that I will say "Hi" to in the 15th/16th floor. I may have bad dreams in the 15th/16th floor sleeping quarters (hmmm... I wonder if Buknoy can ride elevators). I will be using the 15th floor lounge (hopefully they have the same leather couches). I may not be assigned to do powerpoint presentations anymore. I will still have my "pulis pangkalawakan" skills. I will be still anticipating my next team's KPIs.

But I won't have anyone to iron my hair and play scrabble with. Ginger will also be staying in Newport.

Now I made myself sad.



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