Saturday, July 30, 2005

One helluva week!

There have been a lot of events this week that I wanted to mention in my blog. Unfortunately I have been sleeping a lot lately which made me more sluggish to even take the time to check my friendster. Anyway, these events were so memorable that I just have to recall all of them and write about them eventually.


Abie and I have graduated from our sibling rivalry phase. We're not really close. But I have grown to respect him for his accomplishments. He's pretty quiet, and like my dad, he does not really show much affection to people. Last Sunday, my mom asked me to text Dad to buy bread for lunch (since she has been giving him the silent treatment... will be explained later). My phone does not have signal in my sister's room. So I borrowed by brother's phone to text my dad. After texting Dad, I started browsing through Abie's pictures (my version of invasion of privacy... hehe!). There's nothing much though... A bunch of pictures of him and his friends, some logos of the Ateneo Blue Eagles (btw, my brother is from CSB and I can't explain how come he's soooooo fixated to the Blue Eagles), and some pictures of Shinji, an anime character who is somewhat of his alter ego.

Then I saw a picture of me. Me, his sister. That picture was taken by me using my camera phone. The only place where he could have gotten that picture was my friendster account, which I never thought he cared to look at. I also find the idea of my brother taking the time to bluetooth my picture to his phone a bit of a surprising.

My mom always tells me that my brother looks up to me as a role model. I never believed her for some reason.

I'm touched. =D



I came home Friday afternoon from work. My mom had that look in her face that told me it was another one of those "Dad" problems.

"Ano nanaman?"

I consider my mom my best friend and she looks at me the same way. She always reminds me how thankful she is that she has me... a family member who is mature enough to understand and relate to her love problems. After letting her bad feelings out, I told her something that I would tell any other friend:

"Ano ba yan! Ang lalaki niyo na. Pero para kayong high school!"


Andro buzzed me in YM the other day. We were talking about his new job and for some reason we ended up throwing mathematical questions to each other. For those who don't know, I love math (you can start throwing tomatoes now, ack!). What made it funny was that the combination of characters and parentheses were turning my solutions into emoticons!


The most awkward moment (so far, I'm sure there's more to come) with my ex happened just a few days ago. I was buying Coke Light from the pantry at work. As I looked up after grabbing my soda, I saw him... and our theme song was playing in the background. Lots of thoughts suddenly came to my mind:

"Should I say hi?"

"Is HE gonna say hi?"

"He gained weight!"

"What's with the spiky hair?!"

I texted Ginger afterwards about what happened. She replied:

"It's a sign girl. Isa lang ibig sabihin niyan. Masyado masikip ang mundo niyo."

I smirked, giggled a bit, and realized... It's not my loss.

"Hay buhay... Parang life..."


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