Monday, November 14, 2005

Paano naging Workaholic eh Bum nga di ba???

Reason #1: I admit... I'm lazy. Pero hindi ako pwedeng walang ginagawa. I have proven that I am definitely not a stay-at-home person. I have been resisting the urge to go out everyday and the one thing that keeps me home sometimes is the thought that I am saving up for something (secret ko na yun!).

Reason #2: I get sick of th laid back life after a few days. I just came back from Boracay last week. We were supposed to go back Sunday afternoon but we had no choice but to take the early Monday morning flight. The extra hours of just drinking and bumming around seemed like days. (Shyet! Uwing-uwi na ko nun!)

Reason #3: Not having a job for weeks now somehow worries me. Not because of monetary reasons but just for the mere fact that I think I'm going crazy. Staying sane proved to be a challenge if you're doing nothing. I try as much as possible to keep myself preoccupied. I finally had the time to read the books I wanted to read. But with the time in my hands I even started looking through my mom's romance novels from the 80's.

Reason #4: Since I have nothing to do, sometimes my only option left is to sleep, sleep and sleep. After a few days, sa sobrang dami ng tulog ko daig ko pa ang taong nag-sampung basong kape. Labas ng bahay! Di ko na kaya! Nakakabuang!

Reason #5: After reason numbers 1-4, I suddenly realized that work, despite my laziness, has always been and always will be my drug. Hinahanap-hanap ko talaga. I can't believe some people can actually do this for years and years and not go insane. Sometimes I wonder how my dad feels since he's been retired for 22 years now.

Despite not knowing whether or not to make a career shift, I printed copies of my resume a few days ago. I gave it to some of my friends and left copies of it in my car when job opportunities arise. I still don't know what I'll be doing after 2005. I college friend actually made me consider being a flight attendant. Bagay daw sa 'kin. Wakeke!

Hay ewan! Bahala na si Batman!

I haven't touched my blog for so long that it actually took me sometime to think of the password I used to log in. This was caused by the sudden termination of my internet access at work due to some auditing done by the IT department. Apparently the big boss is coming back.

On a different note, I filed my resignation letter three weeks ago, effective Novemeber 28 and haven't gone to work since.

But I'm happy. *giggle* Really I am. =D

I'd love to write why but due to a gentleman's agreement between me and the HR manager, I shall not speak until everything is settled.

Now, I'm a full-fledged bum... Quite fitting don't you think... The Workaholic Bum...