Thursday, July 06, 2006

My World's Getting Crowded

Have you ever felt that your world is getting smaller everyday?

Wait. Lemme rephrase that...

Have you ever felt that your world is getting smaller every hour?!

I have a new job. The minute I started, my world started to get really crowded. I'm supposed to be an Assistant Manager for Operations (that's a giveaway, now you might know where I work), which is pretty much just a fancy term for a supervisor or team leader. And each day at work feels like a high school reunion. I don't even friggin' need to look for people I know. All I need to do is just walk around one floor and in a few minutes I'll hear someone calling my name. Mind you, I was not a popular girl in high school. I have told some of my friends that back then I was bordering being a loser for several reasons: One, I was overweight (around 150 lbs.); two, I was a delinquent; three, I had frizzy hair (I still do now but it has tamed); and four, I had a name that everybody mispronounced which triggered people to brand me with a vernacular term which means "your pants are falling."

Other than the perpetual high school reunion I'm experiencing, I found myself working with former college schoolmates, former workmates, and acquaintances both old and new. Here are just a few descriptions of the people I see at work:

- former high school batchmates who used to pick on me
- former high school batchmates who I used to pick on
- high school buddies since the beginning of time
- former members of the Boyzone fan club (yes, Ronan Keating was the love of my life)
- college batchmates who I never imagined working in a call center
- an ex-convict that I went out with (Literally went out with ok? FYI, I did not date him ok?! That's his press release)
- former workmates from various companies
- moms of friends
- a friend of my dad (Eek! An HR guy who calls my dad "Tito Jun!")
- people that (suprisingly) has the same friends as I do
- the only suitor who tried to make a move when I had a boyfriend
- the sister of an ex-boyfriend
- the brother of a guy I'm sorta "seeing"

So there. Put yourself in my shoes, and tell me how would you feel? Anyway, I really don't know if I should be happy or sad that my world's getting smaller. It's nice but not so nice in a way. I really can't explain it. I have no problem with it at all. It just seems to be really convenient. And I'm not even sure if I'm sarcastic when I say that.