Monday, January 30, 2006

A comment from my other blog...

Garry said...
Isn't blogging itself also a distraction that causes delay? It sure has been for me!

BTW, the Workaholic Bum was the Featured Blog on Technorati for a short time this morning, so you were briefly famous!

Sat Jan 28, 06:12:09 AM PST

LJ said...
Glad to know that for a brief moment my two cents have been recognized. I just signed up and claimed both my blogs in Technorati yesterday so that's probably why.

Thanks for the info. And yes, blogging is a distraction for most. =D

Sun Jan 29, 08:57:19 AM PST

I have been wondering who reads my blog. I guess signing up in Technorati will keep me wondering. Thanks Garry!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Final Link

Hindi ko alam kung sino ang mga nagbabasa ng blog ko ha, pero pagkatapos nitong entry na to, di niyo pa rin gets na may bago na akong blog, bow na ako sa katangahan niyo ha. Over na!